From prototype to publication – Heritage – Vampire: the Masquerade

From prototype to publication – Heritage – Vampire: the Masquerade

A couple of weeks ago, White Wolf and Nice Game Publishing announced the oncoming release of Heritage – a Vampire the Masquerade legacy game.

Finally, after 4 years of searching, editing and pitching to various publishers, my prototype “Families and Bloodlines” finds its own way entering the big and much beloved family of the World of Darkness universe.

I remember it first began as a family management simulation, easy to play and relatively easy to master. The summer of 2014 was filled by nights of playtesting and tuning. More challenges, more events, more stickers and abilities!

I already knew that I wanted it to be a legacy game, cause I’m a big fan of those unique games that give permanence a meaning. I wanted my game to have a lasting effect to its players. And it did so, thus iconic characters in our playtest sprung up like Selana – the Mysterious Lady, Kavlantis – the Flirty General and Mirka Mamutaka – the Vile Harridan.

The game was all about building long lasting families according to their unique traditions and to the events that transpired during the period that the game was taking place. Thus in the midst of a rebellion, various schismatic nobles would make their appearance leaving their mark in my prototype’s history.

And then came the Korean Board Game Designing Competition and the subsequent 4th place! And then the proposal. The talks, the suggestions and then the final signing!

And now here it is, reskinned and ready! The former rebellious noble families have turned into a secretive bloodline of vampires, eager to delve into much darker and more ominous paths to their arduous quest for everlasting immortality!

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