Shadows over the Empire

The King is dead! Cardis has fallen…

After a long siege, the empire of Asmidan has conquered Cardis and the Conclave of Law has been sent by the Emperor to establish the new rule. The city is in disarray and several factions struggle for power behind the scenes. The former Queen is using her influence to gather allies in an effort to help her son claim the throne. The Order of the Coin — a group of wealthy individuals — wants to rise to power ensuring the gold keeps flowing. The Asmidan’s Church desires to seize control of the newly conquered city by using the feared Inquisition to sway whoever opposes it.

In Shadows over the Empire, players take the role of leaders of four factions in a struggle for control of Cardis. They must influence various personalities and have them do their bidding. Loyalties are constantly changing and great allies become mortal enemies in a city filled with desire for dominion. Who will prevail?

  • Players: 2-4
  • Time: 45-90 mins
  • Area control/ Card combo
  • Language dependency: Yes
  • Project name: Shadows over the Empire
  • depicted photos by the published version of Artipia Games

Kune v Lakia

Once upon a time, the royal wedding of Duke Kune and Princess Lakia brought joy and celebration to every warren in the Bunny Dutchy.

Alas, for all the carrot cake that was consumed at the wedding was in vain. One day, a petty argument boiled over to a fight, and once the fight grew to the point that the royal guards had to be called in, there was no way to contain the situation. It was going to be Kune v Lakia!

KUNE v LAKIA: A Chronicle Of A Royal Lapine Divorce Foretold is a game for two players, each acting for the Duke or the Princess during the divorce proceedings.

A starting hand of five assets (manors, jewelry and abundant wealth) is drawn, and the players use those assets to influence members of the royal lapine court (the abbot, the sorceress, the duke’s sister, the king, and the knight). The favors gained and plots hatched are represented by cards added to each player’s deck. These cards can be used to further influence courtiers, hide property, and hinder the opponent’s ability to do the same.

Much like in a real-life divorce, this is a highly interactive process, and not an easy one at that. In a game of behind-the-scenes plotting and intrigue, only the most clever player will emerge victorious in the struggle for prestige, property and power!

  • Players: 2
  • Time: 15-30 mins
  • Card game/ Drafting/ Pool Building
  • Language dependency: Yes
  • Project name: A viole(n)t divorce
  • depicted photos by the published version of LudiCreations


Fire! The Great Library, the world’s most complete archive of knowledge and wisdom is on fire!

As books and relics are consumed by the flames, you must make a choice over what to save – some artifacts are more valuable to you than others, and your fellow heroes may have different priorities than you – and some may even be trying to burn books!

In Alexandria, 2-4 players must use a limited supply of time to move through the burning corridors of the Great Library, looking for scrolls, items and even scholars that they can save. Each round, up to four rooms of the library will surrender to the flames, and anything in them will be lost!

Will you use your time wisely to preserve ancient knowledge, or will your opponents get the best of you? In Alexandria, every second counts, and you are running out of seconds…

  • Players: 2-4
  • Time: 45-90 mins
  • Action Point Allowance System/ Variable Player Powers/ Modular Board
  • Language dependency: Yes
  • Project name: A Library in Cinders
  • Current publisher: LudiCreations

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Galactic Warlords: Battle for Dominion

The Galaxy is on the verge of another all out war. The larger empires are using proxies to push their agendas and the Warlords have used this as their advantage. By hiring and contracting other mercenaries and lesser warlords, they have managed to gather sizeable forces so they can impose on the galaxy, but the public secret is that they are mostly sponsored by the large empires, although no-one knows who’s behind which warlord faction.

You are one of the Warlords! Your mission is to control the strategically important planets in the galaxy and establish your dominion, in order to gain the most points at the end of the game. Whoever makes the most points will be the most powerful warlord in a time of intrigue and deceit!

  • Players: 1-4
  • Time: 30-90 mins
  • Area control
  • Language dependency: No
  • Project name: Beyond the Mist
  • Current publisher: Archona Games

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Heritage - Vampire: the Masquerade

Each game, players gather characters from a common pool for their bloodlines. These characters influence different vampiric “battlegrounds” and help in fulfilling history-based missions…Besides collecting characters in their bloodline, players can also use the unique intrigue cards of the clan they are playing – changing the rules of the game in ways that fit the character of that particular clan.

Players must evade capture, concealing their vampiric nature while also attempting to retain their humanity.  Secrecy and subversion abound in this latest instalment of the established Vampire: The Masquerade series.  Players can turn mortals into vampires, granting them new names and abilities by flipping their card over to their new, vampiric identity.

In order to achieve the element of surprise, all sixty character cards will come pre-sleeved.  At the end of the 700 years, players will tally their allies, clues, and power to solve an ancient mystery in a climactic campaign conclusion. 

Vampire: The Masquerade – Heritage will be demonstrated in October 2018 at SPIEL.  Crowdfunding will start in early 2019 and the current release date is planned to coincide with SPIEL 2019 in Essen, Germany.

With seven clans, unique characters and over 100 missions, Vampire: The Masquerade – Heritage will most definitely have gamer bloodlust rising in 2019.

  • Players: 2-4
  • Time: 20-40 mins
  • Card drafting/ Variable Player Powers/ Legacy-style
  • Language dependency: Yes
  • Current Publisher: Nice Game Publishing Group

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Oh Granny...!

All that she was, was an old hag! That old woman whom your parents have labeled as your “granny” was your absolute nightmare! After many years, her doctors asked that you come and visit her, for she had a small stroke and she needed her grandchildren by her side. To your surprise the terrifying dragon of your childhood had transformed into a kind-hearted lady. The doctors asked that you kept her company and reminisced on her past events…But do so lightly, for if she gets frustrated her brain might get stressed and her past demeanor might emerge!
Mortified, you sit yourselves around her…
And you begin the talking…

In “Oh Granny…” the players depict the grandchildren of an old lady who try to recall events and experiences that happened throughout her life. They must do so considerately watching out not to stress her much and suffer any minor stroke, for she might risk losing parts of her memory.

During their turns, the players push their luck as they reveal tiles and score points…but in fear.

For if their granny reverts back to her “lovely” old character, everything will be lost…

  • Players: 2-4
  • Time: 10-20 mins
  • Tile gathering/ Push your luck
  • Language dependency: No
  • Game yet unpublished

The Poltergeist

Up the house on the hill an ancient ghost resides.

Laughing, throwing stuff around, its trickery never subsides.

But up the hill a brave soul, one day does ascend.

Resolved to put the place at rest…

But will it truly …end?

The Poltergeist is a memory game for either 2 players or 2 groups of 2 players each.
Each side depicts either the poltergeist that has haunted the mansion or the brave psychic that tries to banish it once and for all.

During each round, each side will try to achieve their own goals always having their final goal in mind. But will they have the time to do so? Is the poltergeist going to drive the psychic nuts or will he be able to find it and drive it out of home once and for all?

  • Players: 2 or 4
  • Time: 10-20 mins
  • Memory/ Assymetrical playstyle/ Pattern recognition/ Tableau building
  • Language dependency: No
  • Game yet unpublished

Eccentria: City of Trends

In a city filled with eccentrics you’re assigned the prestigious position of the Overseer, a select elite of architects that are responsible for renovating and beautifying neighborhoods.

And so, you’ve been given a specific district that needs to be renovated according to your capabilities, dreams and the society’s standards! Erect aesthetically pleasing buildings, attracting eccentric vips that in turn bring more prestige to your neighborhood! But watch out and don’t go overboard, for sometimes too many “kitchy” people might attract much scandal and negativity!

Will you be able to do your job, earn the most prestige and contribute to the society as expected of a person of your station?
Find out and roam the peculiar streets of Eccentria: The City of Trends!

  • Players: 2-4
  • Time: 60-90 mins
  • Pattern building/ Tile placement mechanic/ Modular board/ Tableau building/
  • Language dependency: No
  • Game yet unpublished