Eccentria: City of Trends

  • Players: 2-4
  • Time: 60-90 mins
  • Pattern building/ Tile placement mechanic/ Modular board/ Tableau building/
  • Language dependency: No

More details

In a city filled with eccentrics you're assigned the prestigious position of the Overseer, a select elite of architects that are responsible for renovating and beautifying neighborhoods.

And so, you've been given a specific district that needs to be renovated according to your capabilities, dreams and the society's standards! Erect aesthetically pleasing buildings, attracting eccentric vips that in turn bring more prestige to your neighborhood! But watch out and don't go overboard, for sometimes too many "kitchy" people might attract much scandal and negativity!

Will you be able to do your job, earn the most prestige and contribute to the society as expected of a person of your station?
Find out and roam the peculiar streets of Eccentria: The City of Trends!

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