Oh Granny...!

  • Players: 2-4
  • Time: 10-20 mins
  • Tile gathering/ Push your luck
  • Language dependency: No

More details

All that she was, was an old hag! That old woman whom your parents have labeled as your "granny" was your absolute nightmare! After many years, her doctors asked that you come and visit her, for she had a small stroke and she needed her grandchildren by her side. To your surprise the terrifying dragon of your childhood had transformed into a kind-hearted lady. The doctors asked that you kept her company and reminisced on her past events...
But do so lightly, for if she gets frustrated her brain might get stressed and her past demeanor might emerge!
Mortified, you sit yourselves around her...
And you begin the talking...

In "Oh Granny..." the players depict the grandchildren of an old lady who try to recall events and experiences that happened throughout her life. They must do so considerately watching out not to stress her much and suffer any minor stroke, for she might risk losing parts of her memory.

During their turns, the players push their luck as they reveal tiles and score points...but in fear.

For if their granny reverts back to her "lovely" old character, everything will be lost...

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