Families and Bloodlines

  • Players: 2-4
  • Time: 30-60 mins
  • Card drafting/ Variable Player Powers/ Legacy-style
  • Language dependency: No
  • Acknowledgements:
    • 4th place at the 2nd international Korean board gaming designing competition
    • 4th place at the 6th "Επιτραπέζιο" Greek board game designing competition

More details

Families and Bloodlines is a fast-paced 20-30 minute card game, for 2-4 players, in which, each player takes the role of either a Prince or Princess aspiring for greatness! These individuals are tasked with creating an everlasting legacy, with the hopes of maintaining the power of the royalty, as well as facing the arduous challenges of their time.

Thus, each Prince and Princess must marry fitting spouses, raise their children and “organize” their family as they see fit! All the while, as rebellions, manipulations, intrigue and scheming threaten the very existence of their royal family as well!

In each game, three different challenges form the scenario of the game and each player has the choice to play 1 of the 80 different choices of a Prince or Princess.

In the ongoing turns, the players face crucial choices as of which spouse to choose for their Prince, properly advancing their plots in order to take advantage of the challenges available and to score as many victory points, by making fitting spouse choices.Then their children will be called to the task, as they shall be called to reach the very same decisions that their parents once took.

Families and Bloodlines is a game of tactical choices and plotting, where each character furthers the player’s agenda in their own way.

However, each game may not be the same, as the challenges available make radical changes to the game’s character! Where in one match, one could feel the tension of the “racing” challenge, in another will he be forced to co-operate with his opponents, always bearing in mind his own goal for the win!

And in the end, all the players will have formed a unique story as the winner is declared and all of the players will be called to “enrich” their storyline, forming every time a unique aspect and bond for the characters they employed in their games. Using a campaign system, Families and Bloodlines, lets the involved players choose their own character’s traits and assign them to their beloved family members. Did you admire the Knights honorable spirit as he let you gain the upper hand in the revolution? Add the “Brave” trait to him and watch him becoming even more fearsome versus the rebels during future games!

Thus Families and Bloodlines is open to letting your own game be created! With a unique, easy to learn and quick gameplay, be the one who not only can plot the best and win the game, but who can also write his own story into an ever-changing game that can be played with your friends and family! 

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